Brad Boyer

Title: VP of Product, User Experience and Engineering at Emplify

Track: Advanced Technologies

Presentation Title: "A Beginners look at Psychometric Data and Predictive Systems Design"


One of my favorite things to build is a product that brings software and psychology together. The field of Psychometric Analysis is very interesting. In this session, I will present some practical, introductory methods of building predictive systems using psychometric data. We will investigate: Leveraging outcome-driven design for predictive systems. What is psychometric data? What are some introductory practical ways to analyze Psychometric Data? How can I use psychometric data?

Bio: Brad Boyer, the VP of Product, User Experience, and Engineering, is a servant leader with a bias toward action. Over the past 25 years, Brad has worked in a range of companies from startups to Fortune 50 enterprises. These experiences helped him understand the dynamics of large and small companies and the engagement challenges they all face. Each day, Brad rolls up his sleeves, leads with passion and approaches every challenge with an outcome’s mindset. He was born with the heart of a hungry entrepreneur and a builder, and has learned over the years that the journey is the most important part of life. Relationships are very valuable, and every day should be exciting, inspirational, and motivating.