Euan Cameron

Title: CEO and Founder


Euan Cameron is the CEO and Founder of COHESION Medical, a digital technology company specialising in AI-Driven solutions for Connected Citizen Health.
Euan founded COHESION in 2012 to develop real-world AI-Driven solutions for Population Health and Precision Medicine. COHESION has significant experience in Digital Health capturing and analysing real-world evidence from citizen apps, devices and data sources and combining these with clinical reported data to generate new big data insights in Cancer, Inflammatory Diseases, Dementia and Diabetes. For this work, COHESION has won Innovate UK Innovation Awards for Biomedical Catalyst: Cancer Early Detection And Risk (CEDAR) System and Precision Medicine Technologies: Inflammatory Diseases Precision Medicine Platform.
Euan is a Systems Engineer with a background in Bioengineering, Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland and enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, camping, open-water swimming, sea-kayaking and mountain-biking.