Gana Chandrasekaran

Title: Lead Technical Strategist

Track: Advanced Technologies

Presentation Title: “Data Transformation in Retail Industry through AI/ML”


Retailers are going through immense pressure to increase online sales, improve the omni-channel experience, personized customer interactions and promoting the right products and services. The Data/AI platform provides opportunities for retailers to build a “Secured and Scalable platform” to increase the customer experience, drive outcome through customer’s insights and improve the operational efficiency. 

Bio: Gana Chandrasekaran works as Lead Technical Strategist with Microsoft and is responsible for Data/AI strategy for retail customers. Chandrasekaran brings 15+ years of experience in enterprise design, data storage and data scientist and real-time business intelligence and strategy. Before joining Microsoft, he was Chief Technologist with Hitachi Vantara, building enterprise converged data platform for global customers and partners. Chandrasekaran was an entrepreneur in building the machine, learning the model for the image classification deployment, and in doing so, has now taken a new approach for solving fast-phased object detection. Chandrasekaran’s deep understanding is from a deep technical prospective as a data scientist; however, his business background has helped him build a common data model for a variety of digital transformation initiatives.