Jeff Bogenschneider

Title: Principal Software Architect

Track: IoT/Automation

Presentation Title: “Don’t Let Your Data Just Sit There, Surface It!”


Many “Big Data” projects take great cost and effort to get the data landed, staged, curated, blended and certified, but the pipelines stop short, leaving the data in a state not easily consumed. The sheer size of the data, poorly performing technology or complexity of the model can make utilization slow internally and difficult to monetize externally.

Traditionally data marts have been developed to create application views. That concept is still valid, but the technology options have greatly expanded. You should now consider Indexes and APIs an effective delivery channel. I’m going to present some architecture, processes and technology that you can use to surface your data in a cost effective and high performing way. This will allow you to enable discovery and self-service of your data with governance, authorization and entitlement enforcement.

Bio: I’m a Midwestern based Enterprise Architect, with 20+ year experience, employed by a west coast data giant. I report to the Executive of Enterprise Architecture and have presented to large technical and general audiences at work and am ready to take my favorite topic on the road. My expertise is APIs and developer gateways, but I’m also Google Cloud Certified in Solutions Architecture and Data Engineering. I’m also currently architecting and driving out the Media version of our big data and analytics pipeline to enable better image delivery performance via GCP CDN and our big endeavor in Vision ML.