Jeff Ready

Title: CEO of Scale Computing

Track: Infrastructure

Presentation Title: “Expanding Your Data Center to the Edge: The Future of IT Infrastructure”


In today’s global economy, businesses and governments are instrumenting the edge with ever greater intelligence, so the desire for reliable, scalable and agile edge infrastructure solutions continues to grow. Implementing a solution ideal for highly distributed, on-premises environments, such as retail stores, bank branches or manufacturing, with multiple locations managed by the enterprise from a central location has become and will remain critical. Learn how providers are addressing this market by providing edge infrastructure that has the capacity to run various IT and OT workloads, is space conscious and can be managed at each individual location by generalists. This in return reduces the time and budget spent managing technology and allows companies to focus more on growing their business and serving their customers. Attendees will learn: – How to maximize uptime at the edge – The extraordinary ease of use – How a converged platform simplifies deployment and management – Total management cost reductions of 60%-80% with automation and intelligence.

Bio: Jeff Ready, CEO of Scale Computing, is a high tech entrepreneur and executive with deep roots in technology and industry trends. Jeff has a keen interest in current and future technologies of IT infrastructure to help alleviate the management and overall costs of IT in your business.