Marcos Oliveira

Title: Department Chair and Graduate Program Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences Chair and Graduate Program Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences (Moderator)

Presentation Title: Business Healthcare Data Analytics Interface



The panel will engage the audience in a discussion on building innovative relationships between Butler University and Indy Big Data companies to meet the needs of talent and workforce development at the interface of business, healthcare, and data analytics.



Dr. Marcos A. Oliveira is originally from Brazil where he received his bachelor’s degree in Physics and Masters in Applied Physics. He moved to Purdue University and obtained his PhD in Structural Virology in 1993. His work at Purdue contributed to the development of the antiviral agent pleconaril. He has received funding from the American Cancer Society, Kentucky Lung Cancer Research Program, William and Ella Owens Biomedical Research foundation and NIH. In 2009 he was selected by Aetna along with a group of 12 health professionals as examples of Latino contemporary role models. In August of 2018 he joined Butler University where he is part of the re-imagining initiative led by Dean Soltis to develop new programing in the area of data analytics.