Nick Campbell

Title: Director of Operations

Track: Advanced Technologies

Presentation Title: “Conversational Interaction with your Data”


Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology—interpreting speech or text—is a major breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence. It allows automated conversations with customers or employees to deliver information or take action. It can improve sales, customer service, employee efficiency, and more. Today, talking to computers is not science fiction, but is engaging with complex data and delivering insights is complex. Data-rich, insights driven supply chain businesses can’t grow fast without having easy access to Insights.

Bio: Nick Campbell is the Director of Operations at MAVPAK, an Indianapolis based, rapidly growing packaging solutions company focused on packaging design and distribution, value-added warehousing, equipment maintenance, as well as leadership / culture development solutions. Nick is highly focused on running the operations as efficiently as possible by leveraging best practices and adopting the right technologies.