Oliver Wells

Title: Executive Project Manager – NCAA LiveStats

Track: IoT/Automation

Presentation Title: "NCAA LiveStats: Transforming the college sports data ecosystem. "


In 2006, Daryl Morey, GM of the Houston Rockets, unable to find reliable college basketball data, sent his staff to Indianapolis to photocopy box scores at the NCAA headquarters. With live sports data more important than ever, in 2018 the NCAA announced a 10-year digital initiative with Genius Sports to capture, manage, and distribute real-time college game statistics across sports and divisions.

In this session, learn how NCAA LiveStats is transforming the statistics landscape, delivering accurate, robust, and fast data to spur new insights and innovations for media, coaches, and fans alike. Attendees will hear how the Association makes sense of the vast data points collected through NCAA LiveStats, and what role sensor and computer vision technologies might play in the future of college sports.