Qingxue Zhang

Title: Assistant professor

Track: IoT/Automation

Presentation Title: “Smart Health Big Data Empowered by Medical IoT and AI”


Big data-driven smart health is reshaping traditional healthcare and bringing exciting advancements in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment. We conduct cutting-edge research in smart health big data applications, empowered by medical Internet of Things (medical IoT) Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this talk, Dr. Zhang will introduce how medical IoT including smart sensors bring us numerous opportunities to monitor the health conditions in our daily lives, and how AI technologies help us gain high-level insights from the big data. These innovations are very promising and critical to enable many paradigm-shift applications, such as generating emergency alarms, providing medical decision support, mining public health insights, and so on. We are approaching an era of smart and connected health!

Bio: Dr. Qingxue Zhang is an assistant professor and lead of Ubiquitous Embedded Intelligence Research Lab, in Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis. He is conducting cutting-edge research in big data-driven smart health empowered by artificial intelligence and medical internet of things, leveraging his over a decade’s experience in multidisciplinary areas: industry (senior system architect and R&D team lead for IT products), medical organizations (Harvard Medical School and Mass. General Hospitcal), and academia. His current research interest includes: Smart Health Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Internet of Things, and Wearable Computer. He owns multiple international patents, and have numerous journal and conference publications in the smart health area. He is an Associate Editor, and leading guest editors of special issues of IEEE Access Journal. Dr. Zhang also serves on the National Science Foundation (NSF) review panel.